Photo Album Design

As professional Bali photographer, I carefully choose the right company that can give me fast services without ignoring the quality of the photo album design.

Below is the web page that show the sample of the photos albums that is included on my photography packages. Please click the link to see the photos albums design sample.

Sample Design Of Photo Album

Photo Album 1 Photo Album 2
sample photo album Sample Photo Albums

Our marriage pictures albums are made by 2 companies and I keep until now still cooperate with them to provide the book. They are Kojo After Shoot and Sinar Photo in Denpasar. They create beautifully masterpieces that exhibit the special moments of your marriage day or prewedding photo shoot tour in Bali. Once you’ve seen one, you’ll realize how distinctive they are compared to ordinary marriage albums that simply place printed photos on white pages.

For Prewedding Picture and Wedding Photography Bali

Every time I meet a client, I always bring the sample of the photo album design. By that way, client will see the quality of the albums that they gone get.

All the albums are made from only the finest materials and are crafted with great care and precision. Our albums are very durable, all pictures are fully laminated, the albums made with meticulous craftsmanship for bindings, corners, and album pages, allowing you to enjoy your marriage and prewedding memories for a lifetime on memorable pictures.

For the design of the album template, I create and design by my self. I didn’t hand it over to other company, this is for maintaining the quality of the digital editing. It takes, hours of digital editing for the design for the making of each albums to create exquisite panoramic pages and compositions base on the pictures that you choose.