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Bali photographer, Yande Photography. Specialized in natural outdoor pre wedding photography, bridal portrait, candid wedding photojournalism in Bali. With many choices of affordable Bali pre wedding photo packages, bridal portrait photography packages.

Professional outdoor photo pre wedding photography services, artistic wedding photojournalism by Bali photographer.

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Our professional Bali photographer. Majoring or specializing in natural outdoor pre wedding pictures, bridal portrait photo shoot. Deliver in good high quality services of professional photographer. We are supported by experience professional photographer. Who will supported all of our client. In capturing the memorable moment of their wedding day, engagement pictures and honeymoon photo shoot.

Our professional team of photographer, during prewedding photos, bridal portrait photo or the day you getting married. Will guide all of our client, to be more comfortable and self-confidence in front of the camera. This for the making the best result of the photo shoot.

We will bring your marriage and engagement photography. Become memorable, through beautiful pictures. Also we offer affordable prewedding photo packages, bridal portrait photo packages of professional photographer.

Wedding, Pre Wedding Photo Bali Photographer

Our professional photographer, record the small details. Such as flowers, table settings and build a comprehensive pictures. The most basic underline of our photo prewedding or bridal portrait photography, is uniqueness.

We give storytelling style photo, ‘Private Time’ session for bride and groom. This is for creating a more intimate pictures. We do formal groups pictures in fun and creative way. Provide the photo album and the photos in space + color, sepia and black and white pictures. Your personal selection of pre wedding pictures and marriage photograph, will be presented in an exclusive album.

Our motto, to serve with our heart. To achieve high quality of pre-wedding pictures and bridal portrait services. Also take some unique angle on your pre wedding shots.

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